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La Segunda Parte

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27 Agosto  2004

    The temperatures outside the house in which my palacito resides have finally reached their summer warmth. Unfortunately, this means that my time outside in the Royal Spa has become quite limited. Although Lady Gloria does get up just at dawn to take me outside, I must come in well before ten of the clock in the morning because the heat has risen to uncomfortable heights. Lady Gloria does stay nearby on the porch, spinning on her spinning wheel, with one eye on me and one eye on the thermometer. I am not sure how she manages to do this with both her eyes in the front of her head, not on the side as they should be. She does whisk me inside as soon as the temperature reaches 80 . This is usually too soon for my taste. However, I am far too gracious to show how displeased I am as I know my first salad of the day will be waiting for me inside.

    Still, Lady Gloria does seem to be aware of my displeasure and is busy building me a three story Palacio Grande in the style of Moorish Spain. She says she is refurbishing an old ferret cage she inherited. Fortunately there don’t seem to be any ferrets around. I have no idea what it has to do with fur, but I am sure that the Palacio Grande will be suitable for my new domicile. If I like it well enough I may dub her Duchess of Parsley.

    In the meantime, she has provided me with a large ceramic tile to on which to lounge. The house is always kept at a temperature comfortable for me, but the tile is very nice and cool and I generally take my siesta on it every afternoon.

    My salads usually contain a number of tasty, aromatic herbs from the organic garden outside the front door. The humans have a plan for a new garden next spring – just for me. Of course, I think they should have planned ahead and planted one for this year – although I suppose they have done the best they can.

    My other Lady-in-Waiting, Patricia, Warden of the Cash, and Purchaser of the Provinder, brings me lots of nice things from the grocery several times a week as I detest stale vegetables and just turn my Royal Back on them with a quick sniff of displeasure.

    Recently they purchased me a lovely pink Royal Throne, which they thoughtfully line with two kinds of hay. I think this is a great idea because now I can issue Royal Decrees at the same time I snack on hay and issue – well – let’s just say that the Royal Emptier of the Pellets’ job has gotten much easier. They were surprised and pleased when they found that I took to my Throne right away. They say that there will be a Throne on each floor of my new Palacio Grande.

    The cicadas are singing a sweet serenade, my lovely coat is nearly grown out, my new Palacio nears completion, and now I have this Royal Web-site. Life is good.

    Thus ends Part the Second of the Royal Chronicles of Princessa Querida Conejo.

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- John Steinbeck 

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