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This will be a growing list of sources for rabbit information and equipment, as well as for non-profit organizations that are either rabbit or wildlife oriented.

     Under this section we will list rabbit care sites that have been helpful to us.

Carrot Cafe - Good information on feeding the house rabbit

Friends of Rabbits - Health care for rabbits

Language of Lagomorphs - Excellent resource for understanding your bunny's methods of communication

Medirabbit - A comprehensive site about rabbit health and medicine. This is an excellent resource should you need information for yourself or your vet on your rabbit's condition.

Rabbit References - This site is wonderful for answering the many, many questions that come up in matters of rabbit health as well as care and other issues.

Zoological Education Network - source of a peer-reviewed exotic veterinary journal and very informative three fold brochures on House Rabbit health and care.

     We will also have a list of dealers of rabbit equipment that we have found useful.

Bass Equipment Company - A great source for cage building equipment. They will custom make cage pans for you if your cage is not a standard size. They are very customer-oriented and willing to talk to you about concerns and special orders.

Leith Petworks - Purveyors of quality bunny food, toys, grooming supplies, etc. Fast, reliable, and customer-oriented.

Oxbow Hay Company - This company is probably the best source for quality hay and pellets available. It is the source for rabbit and other small animal feed used by Oklahoma State University's world reknowned Small Animal Clinic and Surgery, where Querida got her spay operation.

     Here are some wonderful organizations involved in rabbit rescue, rehabilitation of wild animals, and other important work. Please take time to read through their sites and, if you can, contribute to these worthy causes.

Heartland Rabbit Rescue - This excellent organization is located in Blanchard, and is the only rabbit-organization of which we know in the state of Oklahoma.

House Rabbit Society - Probably the best information source on living with rabbits on the web.

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners - This is an outstanding advocacy organization for disabled individuals and their assistance dog-partners.

National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat - This is the place to go to start growing plants that will use less water, improve your soil, and bring butterflies and birds flocking to your yard.

Starling Talk - This site was a great resource for us as we were raising Juby.

Wild Heart Ranch - These wonderful people do amazing things with their shoe-string budget. They made themselves available 24/7 as we were raising Juby.

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"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." 
- John Steinbeck 

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