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El Palacio del Conejo

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     Currently construction is underway on El Palacio del Conejo. The basis of this cage is an old ferret cage we "inherited." The original plan was to have four floors. This idea was eventually scrapped as too difficult to service.
    The revised plans calls for two extra floors of 1/2" hardware cloth. Over the hardware cloth, we have placed plastic carpet protector, cut to fit. As Querida is a fastidious lady we plan, at least at first, to provide her with a "throne" on all three floors.
     The bottom floor will be enclosed on all four sides, with windows for ventilation, so that she can have a "hidey hole" for privacy. Her dining area will be on the second floor.
    There will be "rooms" on each floor, as well, for hiding in and chewing on - which add enrichment to her environment. Of course, she has lots of toys with which to play - and now she will have plenty of room in which to play with them.

Original idea had four floors, now reduced to three.

     Phase One is complete as you can see in this picture. In the background you can (just barely) see Querida in her "bunny tractor." Re-purposed from an old chicken tractor (a change in city codes forced us to find a new home for our beloved birds), this 4 feet wide by 8 feet long by 2 feet tall moveable cage gives Querida a chance to run and play for at least a few hours each day so long as the weather permits.
     The House Rabbit Society suggests that a rabbit needs 35 hours a week of running time. That means 5 hours a day for the bunny outside. Unfortunately, the weather in Oklahoma rarely permits Querida to stay out so long. This is one reason why the larger cage is so important.

     When it is completed, the cage will be a "themed cage." Since Querida is a "princess," of course her cage theme will be "Castles in Spain."

    We will be using corrugated plastic which will be placed outside the wire. Corrugated plastic (sold under several different names) is easy to cut and shape and holds up well with use and time, as well as being quite light weight. Other embellishments will be wallpaper border, some paint, and miniature items fastened to the outside of the cage.


Construction of the Summer Palace

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." 
- John Steinbeck 

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