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Peaches - The Plucky Comic Relief

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Peaches! Our New Baby Rosy Bourke's Parakeet

Born on July 29th, Peaches, the Rosy Bourke's Parakeet, arrived in Querida's kingdom from his birthplace in Wichita, KS, on September 19th, 2005.
Bourke's Parakeets are considered to be an endangered species, thanks to a loss of habitat. Fortunately, there are many, many Bourke's in captivity. There are even desirable mutations from the wild stock. Peaches is one such type - called a "Rosy" in Aviculture.
Bourke's are gentle, quiet birds. Although they prefer an aviary, they can be kept in smaller, but still roomy, cages. Their diet is easy to provide and they are relatively easy to keep.
Rosy Bourke's are a variant color of the Bourke's Parakeet (Neosephotos bourkii). These birds are numbered among the Australian Grass Parakeets (Genus: Neophema). There are only seven species in this genus. There may be only six because the Bourke's Parakeet has been recently reclassifed from Neophema Bourkii because of their difference from other Neophemas and because of their taxonomical variances.
A further reason to reclassify them is that their preferred habitat is in the Mulga Woodlands of Central and Western Australia, while Neophema are generally found in more desert-like conditions. The Mulga Woodlands are more open and spacious than a forest, with plenty of grass and shrubs for grazing animals to eat. The soil here is reddish in color and hard-packed. It tends to flood quickly after a rain. Mulga trees are actually Acacias, (acacia aneuria).

Mulga Woodlands below the Chewing Range NW of Alice Springs

The soil here is fertile and much of the Woodlands have been cut down to provide agricultural land and grazing for cattle. This has led to an at-risk status for the Bourke's Parakeet in its native habitat.

To learn more about Bourke's Parakeet and the other Neophema species

More information about the Mulga tree (Acacia aneura) can be found here!

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