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Soldados de Los Protectores - Ginger and Hadabah

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We pitched our tent near the "Little Hogan"

     In the fall of 2002, Gloria got the opportunity that would completely change her life. She spent a week on the Navajo Nation south of Shiprock  at Sarah Natani's place at Table Mesa, learning to weave in the Navajo way.  She came home with a head stuffed full of new knowledge, a heart forever changed, and two puppies.
     Ginger and Hadabah are sisters. They were dumped, near death by starvation, at Table Mesa by Mrs. Natani's home. That first Sunday night, no one was entirely sure that the smallest one would live through the night. We had no dog food, only a plastic container of sour cream. Little by little we fed them until they had eaten the entire container.
     Ginger, the larger of the pair, always let her sister eat first, waiting patiently for her turn. She slept wrapped around her sister to keep her warm. Named Hadabah - Hada being Spanish for "fairy" and bah being a Navajo suffix meaning "little warrior woman" - the little one slept that night with Claudia in her sleeping bag. Little by little, throughout the night, Hadabah stretched out as warmth finally seeped into her.
     They came home with Gloria and now are completely healthy and happy - although when they play and squabble they make sounds more like Tasmanian Devils than dogs.

The Weaving Class of 2002 with Mrs. Sarah Natani

Forbidding but beautiful - the land around Table Mesa

The girls get their first meal of sour cream

     A loving heart - Ginger is the epitome of proof that altruism exists in other species. She always waited to make sure her sister got food first, and then lay wrapped around her to keep her warm. In the lower picture she has one foreleg draped protectively across her sister's back.

Still cold, but beginning to feel safe, the tent becomes home

Ginger tries to keep her sister warm as dusk gathers

     Ginger quickly realized she had a home in our tent. She guarded it zealously from the other dogs at the Natani's place. Remarkably, the much larger and healthier dogs backed down from her immediately, ceding her our tent and camping spot. In the lower picture you can clearly see how thin she was, herself, while she lies on a cot, guarding her sister's sleep.

The Watcher - Ginger on Guard while Hadabah sleeps

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." 
- John Steinbeck 

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