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La Cuarte Parte

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25 Octubre 2004

     This has been a very busy month for my royal self. I have had my operation and I have moved into my nearly completed Palacio Grande. Also, the Duchess has found a boy bunny who is just my age for me to inspect for suitability to be my Royal Consort.

     To begin with the Duchess and my Chatelaine drove me down to Stillwater, Oklahoma to the Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine's Small Animal Clinic for my operation on the 5th of this month. Dr. Lickey took charge of me, after reassuring my retainers that I would be fine. The Duchess gave my Royal Physician a bag full of my favorite delicacy - purple basil - so I would have something tempting to eat after I woke up from my surgery.

     My dear Dr. Lickey was assisted by Doctor Hoover, my anesthetist, and an intern named Dr. Loomis who handed them things and stuff like that. Also there were a number of students who received the privilege of observing my operation. Apparently they do not often get rabbits in for spaying, which is a shame as all pet bunnies would be better off getting spayed or neutered. Not only does it help us because then our hormones don’t get in the way of being such wonderful companions, it is also a health concern, especially for lady bunnies. Lady bunnies are susceptible to cancers as we age, so it is better to get the operation done while we are young.

     While I was unconscious the doctor checked my teeth and found them to be in excellent shape, and in perfect alignment. I attribute this to the excellent diet with which my Chatelaine provides me, plus my time in the outdoor day spa where I can dig and eat the roots of grass and other tough things.

     I spent the night at the hospital, so my Doctors could observe me to make sure that all was well. Although I missed the Duchess and my Chatelaine, there were students there all night to watch over me and attend to my every whim. I got lots of pettings and sweet words of encouragement.

     It was good to see the Duchess and the Chatelaine when they came to get me, though. I was glad to get home and have a nice salad. I had no complications due to the surgery and within a few days was running and playing like normal.

     I have moved into my Palacio Grande, although it isn’t quite finished. The interior is done, however, and I like it very much. I especially like to run from the bottom floor all the way up to the third floor as fast as I can go. I now have 18 square feet of space, plus two ramps, in which to play.

     It is very nice and I have decided that I only need one "throne," down on the first floor. Because of the height and placement of the Palacio I can get nose pettings whenever I wish, stretch out like a frog-bunny, and watch television with my retainers in the evening. It is nice because when I am inside during the day I can sit beside my Duchess while she weaves or spins or works on her needle-felting. I will instruct her to put new pictures of my new domicile on the Palacio page.

    Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen this month, however, is that the Duchess has located a boy bunny, just my age, for me to consider as a Royal Consort. He is a German Angora Hybrid and he lives in Virginia with a very nice lady named Leslie. He is having his neutering operation on the 27th of this month. My dedicated Chatelaine is flying out to Virginia next month to bring him home to meet me. Even if I don’t find him worthy, he will have a forever home here in my kingdom.

     His name is William von Hopsburg and he is the same color as I am although he does have "uppy" ears which can never be as wonderful as my "floppy" ears. I intend to give him serious consideration – but I doubt he can ever replace my beloved lavender and white stuffed bunny, Mr. Stuffy.

Life is good. Thus ends the fourth part the Royal Chronicles.


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"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." 
- John Steinbeck 

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